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My name is Dagmar Gertot. I am an artist, experimentalist, and performer. I work in the fields of music, graphic design, installation, and video-art. I create projects based on studying behaviorism, anthropology, ethnography. Often, I take the plots of my dreams and nightmares as the basis of my works. I pay great attention to the history of ritual and the mythological structures of the people of the world. In the heart of my creativity lies an immersion in the point of pain, anonymization of mental experiences. With an autoerotic and thanatological direction. A desire placed in the body and mind, which contradicts any understandable way of life, awakens to manifest otherness. This desire causes on to act as if resisting oneself. The artistic form is constantly acquired within the collision of pain and routine that is unable to respond or resonate with the being who feels it. Each utterance becomes a liberating impulse. The artist uses revelation, nudity, living itself, as an action that is consonant with the ritual. That is the only thing that he is able to broadcast. He seeks to build what he is, which is not possible to find in his immediate environment. He invites you to enter his wound, into his awkward, disproportionate house, which he cannot explain. The most valuable thing becomes liberation on the way of such a saying, where everyone is faced with a frightening, repulsive, unbearable.

Dagmar Gertot

I want your head, Mr. Lion!

Video-art, novel, psycho-experiences.

Based on dreams, where a sandy rock is the tomb of those who perform a sacred dance. Having discovered a cliff, we call it to life. The call penetrates, and the called one acquires the essence, mobility. Now the cliff is dropping boulders- its heads. The priest will not resist the desire to return his call and carry out the merger. Leo has a dream that he greets the caster, and he responds. The ritual will oblige both to a procession. One will indicate where the outcome of the second lands. And both will fulfill the plan by sunset.

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